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feed_me_jpop's Journal

J-Pop for breakfast <3
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welcome to feed_me_jpop

This is a small community in which jpop files of all types shall be uploaded to YSI, Rapidshare, Sendspace, filefront, mytempdir. and the likes. I will upload singular mp3s, complete singles, full albums and of course PVs. Memberships are required to join this group for any downloading just so I cam keep a toll on how many people are here and who is downloading. <3 There are no rules, although I should say all mp3s must be deleted after 24 hours (as alot of people actually do that! =3) and if you like you should support the artists by shopping at
Yesasia or CD Japan other than that please enjoy the group and join-up also donations are always accepted so feel free to upload any files you feel are worth sharing!>

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AFFILIATED WITH: If you would like to become affiliated with me e-mail me at: tear_lemon_drop@hotmail.co.uk