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the very first upload [May. 30th, 2006|09:22 pm]
J-Pop for breakfast <3
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[mood |creative]
[music |Heartsdales - Angel Eyes]

well first things first!

welcome to all those that have newly joined the group! this is the very first post in which i have uploaded one of each category...

1st. The random mp3 of the day

キンヤ - BLAZE
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First random track to be uploaded is a fast, up-beat song by Kinya known to most as Kotani Kinya who sung most of the songs from the fantastic anime series Gravitation

2nd. Single of the day
Heartsdales - That's Why
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01. That's Why
02. So Tell Me (DJ HASSEBE MIX)
03. That's Why (Instrumental)
04. So Tell Me (DJ HASSEBE MIX Instrumental)

My favourite of the vintage Heartsdales selection. My boyfriend (and how envious I am) has just completed his collection of Heartsdales CDs, sometimes I wish I had a complete collection of something but meh. Can't have it all. =3 Anyways this song is kick-ass, download it at the risk of being infected/having a heart attack. Hehe. Check out the little pun there. XD

3rd. Album of the day
SOUL'd OUT - To all Tha Dreamers
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01.Introduction : Message from...
03.1,000,000 MONSTERS ATTACK
05.Interlude : Like the bird, Like the clouds
06.To All Tha Dreamers
07.Diggy Diggy Diggy Pt.III feat.DJ Mass
08.Interlude : エイジャ
09.Magenta Magenta
10.Interlude : Pranet Earth, Your Network
12.Parasite Paradise Lonesome feat.HAMMER
13.Interlude : Tribal Program
15.The Show
19.Interlude : I met you
21.Love, Peace & Soul
22.Love, Peace & Dream

I'm not really a fan of SOUL'd OUT but I got to know of them through their Heartsdales collabo "CANDY POP", if you like J-Urban, J-Hip Hop this threesome will definately be your thing.

4th. Finally, the PV of the day
清木場俊介 - 人間じゃろうが ! [Uploading Tomorrow, off to bed]

The EXILE hottie himself Kiyokiba Shunsuke in his best solo song yet (imo) 'Ningen Jarouga!'. Reccomended download!
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